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Swiss Army Knife Vacuum to Rival the Dyson

photo of GTech Multi

Every cleaner gets excited about a product that will make their job a little easier or promise even better results, and the handheld hoover from GTech is really something to get excited over! Set to rival the Dyson, the GTech Multi was thought up by designer Nick Grey, after reading through online vacuum reviews. He found that hard-to-reach places were not best accessed by the GTech previous AirRam model and so customers were relying on old heavy cleaners with long hoses to get their homes spotless. The Multi definitely fills that void.

The wireless hoover device is extremely green, using only 100w of energy. It meets the European Commission’s directive on energy efficient hoovers which doesn’t actually come into force until next year.

It’s the attachment tools that make this model so innovative though. It comes with a built-in crevice nozzle, a stubborn grime brush and a specifically designed tool for cleaning curtains, sofas and stairs which measures 7-inches wide. It also has a bendy pull-out tube which stretches for 36cm, ideal for reaching high up spots and around corners.

Of course even the snazziest of hoovers doesn’t take all the hard work out of a good vacuum. So we won’t judge you if you want to hire someone to do the job for you…