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The Cleaning Chores That You’re Neglecting

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Cleaning Chores you are Neglecting

Have you ever noticed how your house smells when you get back from a holiday? It’s instantly recognisable as home but on a day-to-day basis we get used to this smell and it becomes unnoticeable. The same thing happens when it comes to dirt. There are areas of our home that always look clean to us, we are used to them, unless we’re having guests around and then suddenly they become more obvious! Here’s a look at the cleaning chores that you could be neglecting because they simply don’t look like they need attention:

The stair banister

One of the most frequently neglected areas of cleaning is the stair banister, yet think how many different people touch this piece of woodwork every day and possibly spread germs around your home. All you need to do is give your banister a quick wipe with a cleaning spray or hot soapy water to freshen it up.

The bathroom fan

You probably pay little attention to your bathroom fan unless it’s making an irritating noise, but dust and germs can quickly collect in your extractor vent. Be sure to use a vacuum with thin brush end to clean between the vents, or unscrew the whole thing to give it a thorough wash.

The refrigerator handle

We all know its good hygiene to clean inside the fridge regularly. This may include clearing out old food and sauces, lining drawers with kitchen roll and wiping with disinfectant spray. The exterior of your refrigerator is just as important to pay attention to however. During food preparation the fridge handle may come into contact with raw food germs.

The door knobs

Again door knobs and handles are often neglected and yet they are frequently used by residents and guests. Add a regular wipe over to your cleaning schedule to stop the spread of bugs.

Of course, the easiest way to make sure these cleaning jobs don’t get neglected is to get a professional cleaning company in who will do these things as standard…