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240 New Build Cleans

photo of new homes at waterbeach

Waterbeach New Build Cleans

Well it’s been a pretty good week here at Dream Clean. We’ve just won a contract for 240 new build cleans for Annington Homes at what was the Waterbeach Barracks.

We know Waterbeach Barracks and we know the 240 homes quite well because we’ve cleaned them before. Let me explain.

As part of MOD defence cuts, Waterbeach Barracks was sold to Annington Homes and the regiment moved to Kinloss. Before the handover, we were asked to do March Out Cleans on all the homes. Annington Homes then completely refurbished the homes and now they are being sold on the open market. Before the new owners move in we’ve been asked to do the 240 new build cleans to clean up after the refurbishment work.

Like I said. We know the houses quite well and will be cleaning them over the winter although we start on the first four next week.

In other news, we are now able to accept credit and debit cards in a move that will give our clients more payment options and make payments easier.

Finally, I mentioned last week that we were doing high level roof cleaning. Well we did the whole clean in just one day and the client was very happy with the work done.

So all in all it’s been a very good week. Tune in next week for another update on what’s been going on here at Dream Clean. Until then, goodbye and have a great weekend.