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5 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making Today

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Are you making these mistakes?

We all make mistakes. That’s life. Even the Dream Clean team have all made mistakes at some point in our lives and careers. However, with our training and professionalism we keep them at a minimum. Many people (and companies) in the East of England now what we’re about, and the excellent service we offer to each and every one of you. We have seen many cleaning mistakes made, and we wanted to give you a little insight into some of the things you just might be forgetting. However, if you want to read the blog and forget whether you’re making mistakes or not then let us take on the responsibility of all of your cleaning duties. Imagine the free time… Here’s our 5 cleaning mistakes that you’re making every day.

5-Forgetting Every Crack, Corner and Crevice

When the average person ‘cleans’ they often vacuum through the middle of the room, dust noticeable items and take care of the visible dirt. However, how often do you move your room around and thoroughly treat and clean each and every crack, corner and crevice? Right, now think about it again. We’ve all left certain things for a lot longer than we’re willing to admit right? At Dream Clean we ensure every little inch is covered with our cleaning tricks and tools. If you’re going to clean your house then remember to move everything and clean each and every inch of every room. Long, right?

4- Using a Feather Duster and Not Microfibre Cloths

We all love a feather duster, and although they can help with some cleaning tasks, they can become a nuisance just as easily. Have you ever had a sneezing fit right after someone has used a feather duster near you? If so you’re not the only one and there’s an easy reason to explain why. Quite simply the majority of the dust is simply being moved elsewhere, and often up your nose. Simple fix, a micro fibre cloth. These cloths actually trap and collect the dirt, leaving the surface looking as good as new, and taking the dust away. A clean appearance and little reason to sneeze, oh the joys. While we wouldn’t throw your duster out just yet, we’d recommend using micro fibre cloths if you’re going to tackle the dusting on your own.


3- Forgetting to Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is imperative to just about every single cleaning job, so why don’t we treat it with more care? At Dream Clean the Vacuum cleaner is a part of our staff it’s used that much. We ensure we use the best of the best vacuums, and that we clean, maintain and care for them, ensuring the best job is delivered to your expectations. If you’re going to hoover daily, weekly or even monthly (ew), then we suggest you empty the bags, clean the filters and up your vacuum-care game. You wouldn’t believe how many abandon the one cleaning tool that stands by them whatever mistake they make.

2- Not Wearing Rubber Gloves

We love a pair of rubber gloves at Dream Clean. That might be because we use the very best equipment and cleaning products in the world. We simply have to protect our skin to make sure we’re at 100% for our various clients. However, it’s just as important for you to protect your hands. Whether you’re using bleach, vinegar or a simple cleaning spray, you should protect your hands. By doing this you’ll avoid any setbacks and you’ll get the cleaning done a lot easier. Besides, we use our hands for everyone, nobody wants to ruin them from cleaning right? There’s a reason we leave every place we tackle spotless yet our hands look as good as new. We take care of them.


1- Not Letting Dream Clean Handle it All in The First Place

The number one mistake you are making is not letting Dream Clean handle all of your cleaning duties in the first place. Many happy customers and companies are already enjoying the benefits from having regular visits from Dream Clean, so why aren’t you? There will be no more worrying about vacuums, gloves and missed cleaning spots when we’re visiting because we take care of each and every one of these things, and hundreds of other little bits.

Why you ask? Quite simply so you don’t have to.

If this isn’t enough of a reason to give us a call then we don’t know what is. Enjoy the tips, but if it all gets too much then remember, we’re only a phone call and visit away.

Imagine the free time physically and mentally not having to clean will bring to you.