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5 Dream Clean Spring Cleaning Tips For 2017

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Summer is almost here. While most of you are quite possibly throwing your coffee up in the air in delight it can bring upon us its own mess, quite literally. The good old fashioned ‘Spring Cleaning’ keeps us all busy, especially us at Dream Clean. Whether you’ve had us out for your spring clean, you’re in the process of booking a visit or you’re still organising your spring-to-summer calendar out, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to give you 5 Dream Clean Spring Cleaning tips that’ll make your 2017 a year to remember. There’s no more cutting corners with your domestic cleaning, however.

Clean Your Carpets and Upholstery


At Dream Clean we know the beating your carpets and upholstery take, which is why we service most peoples on a regular basis. However, some people do let it slide through the winter months. Although that can be ok it is absolutely something you MUST take care of during your Spring Clean. Your carpet will have embedded dirty, oil, germs and food particles, and quite frankly, if that’s not disgusting enough, you cannot leave it any longer.

It’s time to either shampoo your carpets or to rent a carpet cleaner. Of course we can do both, too. It’s always wise to test a small area first to make sure you’re getting the results you want. Don’t forget to move furniture around and get every single inch of carpet. No crevice should be left unturned.

This is simply an unforgettable Spring Cleaning must, and one that all of customers ask us for!

Clean Your Floors

Again, many of us get a little lazy during the winter months. But now Spring is here there’s more daylight and plenty more time in the day, or so it seems. So grab wood cleaner, or your kitchen floor cleaner and give your kitchen/bathroom floor the clean that’ll let it glisten all summer. Again, this is something we do on every visit when called upon, but if you’re waiting to see us this small task can make a big, big difference.

Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodwork

We wouldn’t provide the number one cleaning service if we forgot to wash walls, cabinets, baseboards and woodwork, but we realise you might have let it slip since pre-Christmas. Although the walls will look clean they need a wash too. Although most of the dust will come to the floor a fair amount will stick to the above and could do with a sponge and hand wash. Make sure you dry your walls and woodwork with a clean cloth afterwards!

Lazy Hoovering Needs to Stop


How many of you move the sofa out every time you hoover? Ok, some of you do. But believe us when we say we’ve seen our fair share of those who haven’t in what seems like a long while. Spring Cleaning means it’s time to hoover intelligently. No more time-cutting. Everything must be moved and every crack, crevice and gap must be hoovered. After all you want to maximise your spring cleaning this year don’t you?

Light and Ceiling Fixtures

Sometimes busy people forget to clean their light and ceiling fixtures. However, if you’re aiming to do all of the above then you’ll be wasting your time if you leave this. It’s time to remove dust and dirt from ceiling fans, your vents and anything else above your head. A simple sponge, polish cloth and all-purpose cleaner will do the job. 

We know what you’re thinking, you don’t have time, right? Well remember Dream Clean can do ALL of this. We can leave your home looking perfectly polished in time for summer. These tips will set you on your way if you’re unable to welcome us into your home for a few weeks!

The easy option is to call us on 0800 9550 100 and let us come and help.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

The Dream Clean Team