5 Reasons Dream Clean Should Clean Your Carpets All Year Long

Posted on  by Kenny Brown

The benefits of one carpet cleaning speak for themselves, and if you’ve yet to try it, we suggest you pick up the phone and call us now. However, there are many reasons as to why you should book regular slots for us to come and clean your carpets all year round. If you’re in the East of England thwn you should read on otherwise you seriously might miss out. Carpet cleaning is one of those things many of us forget about, but we should add them to our to-do list right away. Better yet, let Dream Clean worry about it.

1- Helps allergy and hay fever sufferers

Hayfever has been awful this summer, but those of our customers that suffer with it have felt a lot better when having their carpet cleaned. Imagine the allergens you’re traipsing in and out of your house. We’re here to help you though!

2- Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet; saving you thousands of pounds

Simply put; if you fail to clean your carper regularly you WILL regret it. Eventually it will wear thin from the abuse and lack of a clean it has had, and you’ll be forced to get a new one. So one benefit is to let us save you a lot of money by cleaning it now.

3- You become less sensitive about spills and accidents

When you avoid a regular clean you become somewhat of a beast whenever anyone nearly spills something, or worse yet, ruins your carpet with a spilt glass of wine. When you know we’re to help, sure it’s not great to spill things, but you’ll worry less, knowing it’s something we’ll take care of!

4- The room looks better, almost like that of a new-build house again

Many people have told us about the compliments they’ve had about their new-build house feel, or their brand new carpet. The surprise is they had the same carpet, just regularly cleaned by Dream Clean. Our cleans are that good many people will think your property is newer than it is, and your friends will be wondering where you got your new carpet from. Don’t forget to tell them Dream Clean helped out!

5- A clean home is a happy home and a clutter-free mind. All starts with clean carpets. 

Clean carpet, and a clutter-free home equals a clutter-free, clean mind. Who doesn’t want that? let us worry about it, and you’ll soon be feeling all the more better in yourself.

So whether you’re looking for a first-time, one-off clean or you want to become a regular, these reasons and dozens of others make it  more than worth yor while to let us give your carpets at least the once over, but perhaps even a regular visit to clean them.

Who doesn’t want nice, clean carpets?