Domestic Cleaning Services

Welcome to Dream Clean Domestic Cleaning Services. We provide domestic cleaning services to meet your needs, whether you have a small or large house. Our custom residential cleaning service can serve the specific condition of an apartment building, independent home or any residential setting.

It can be challenging to keep your surroundings tidy, clean, and hygienic all the time. From floor and kitchen cleaning to window cleaning and clinical cleaning, we work in all kinds of residential properties in the UK to offer domestic cleaning services for all parts of your living environment.

What We Offer

Our professional cleaners are available for your home cleaning needs. We understand that busy schedules with work and children can be overwhelming, so allow us to relieve you of the mundane tasks. Our team of trained and insured cleaners can take care of all your cleaning needs, whether you require a one-off deep clean, a weekly or fortnightly clean, or a tailored cleaning plan to fit your specific requirements.

We offer various domestic cleaning services, from Home Cleaning Services to our innovative, holistic, and sustainable Carpet Cleaning Service. Dream Clean will do all the obvious things, such as mopping, dusting, scrubbing or vacuuming. Our professional cleaners are the right people for every housekeeping task. Whether you need a one-off spring clean or a regular service, our specialists are happy to help. However, we also have many specialised, highly competitive benefits such as pressure washing, cherry pickers and hazardous waste removal. Please check our domestic service at a glance to get an idea of how our service can help you. Click learn more to find out about how our services can fit your unique needs:

  1. Home Cleaning: We understand the significance of your house and the need for it to be spotless from every angle. With your hectic schedule, finding time for thorough cleaning can be challenging. Allow us to assist you. Let us know what requires cleaning, and we’ll take care of it promptly and to a high standard, freeing up your time. From cleaning the oven after a gathering to regular house cleaning or anything in between, we guarantee a result that will exceed your expectations. We offer services for garages, removing waste, pressure washing patios, driveways and walls, and cleaning wheelie bins.
  2. Spring Cleaning: Spring cleaning is a task that no one enjoys, but it’s an opportunity for us at Dream Clean to showcase our exceptional cleaning abilities. We’ll visit you at home and create a list of all the cleaning tasks to rejuvenate your home after a bleak winter. Our services include vacuuming, dusting, polishing, window cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, oven, tiles, and other requested tasks. You’ll be astounded by our efficiency and the consistently high quality of our work.
  3. Window Cleaning: Window cleaning is a tedious task, and it can be challenging to clean all the windows in your home if you need the equipment or fear heights. Dream Clean offers window cleaning as a one-time service or as part of a regular contract, whichever suits you best. We can clean the exterior, interior, or both to achieve the best results. We have the necessary tools to work at height, so no matter the size of your home, we can complete the job quickly and effectively, including dormer windows and attic skylights.
  4. Oven Cleaning: Everyone despises cleaning refrigerators and stoves, but Dream Clean doesn’t. We will clean your gas, electric, or Aga cooker’s fans in the oven and extractors above. To make it appear like you have a new cooking range, we will completely overhaul the interior, the tops, and the doors. We may also thoroughly clean the fridge, including the door seals, to restore it to like-new condition. In addition to this, we do not use harmful chemicals, so there is no chance you will have that horrible, possibly toxic residue after we have gone.
  5. Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning is an exceptional job, but with Dream Clean’s years of professional expertise, we can clean all sorts of carpets and rugs, eliminating pet smells and stains and refreshing your carpets from their day-to-day wear. We will clean the floors, tile, wood, or laminate if you have a partly carpeted house.

Our domestic cleaning services are tailored perfectly to your lifestyle, home and wishes, so you’ll always get the best value from us. We are flexible in making custom domestic service plans to suit your requirements and budgets. If the listed service doesn’t meet your need, don’t worry. We can offer a tailored plan that works for you.

Why Choose Us

Dream Clean Services employs highly experienced cleaners, supervisors and managers to help you maintain a cleaner, safer and more inviting space for your employees and visitors. Our trained and experienced technicians provide high-quality service at times convenient for your business, minimising disruptions. Our cleaning process and equipment are specialised to handle tough jobs, reaching hard-to-access areas for a thorough clean, reducing germ spread and enhancing the appearance of your workplace.

With over a decade of experience across diverse sectors, we offer a dependable, professional, and adaptable cleaning service to our clients with pride.

To book any of our commercial cleaning services, call us FREE on 0800 9550 100 or use our online booking service.

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Home Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Service

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Spring Cleaning Service

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