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Dream Clean’s Cleaning Made Me Want to Work For Them

As far as cleaning is concerned it was never my speciality. I was a young boy living in a 3-bedroom house alone, and I knew keeping it spick and spam wasn’t going to be easy. So I waited and scoured the market to find out who was the best cleaning company in the East of England. Everyone uttered “Dream Clean”. I heard no other company mentioned. I got excited, perhaps I’d found the answer to all of my cleaning prayers in this company. I felt reenergised, I actually wanted to work for Dream Clean. I’d always grown wanting to be a part of a team that conquered not only its industry, but its local area. Dream Clean did both. However, if I didn’t feel I could clean my own without this excellent team, how would I join such an excellent team?

I had Dream Clean out maybe 4-5 times, and I continued to profess my love for the service, the work and everything the company stood for. My father, my friends, my partners and a long list of others continued to use Dream Clean.

This company really does everything. That’s something I often thought to myself.

Flash forward half a decade or more and I’m sitting here writing this for the BEST company around, something I truly mean from the bottom of my heart.

Why, and how, you ask?

Could Dream Clean leave you this happy?

Could Dream Clean leave you this happy?

By having Dream Clean out to clean my property it allowed me to focus on myself. I’d been through a lot in my life and I had this dream of being a professional writer, a social media manager and someone that could dominate his local region in a way that Dream Clean does with their niche.

I have done just that.

With the free time I received knowing Dream Clean were tackling my daily duties I was able to focus on my career. I felt rejuvenated. I could sit and type away and progress on my career, all whilst (for their great prices) Dream Clean tackled every single inch of my house.

Afterwards my house was clean, I’d got a lot of work done, and I was left with a clean home. A clean home is a happy home. They say if your home is cluttered then so is your mind. Isn’t that the truth?

I’ve never seen my place so clean. I was able to write all day long and then when I put the computer down I had free time, a clean house and more. What a wonderful competition. That meant more time to go down to the pub, to welcome friends over to my spotless 3-bedroom house and a career that was prospering in just about every way.

I’d been truly wowed by the service, by the team and by Nick himself, and I kept in touch, continuing to use the service, too.

Flash forward to the summer of 2017 and I am a writer and social media for Dream Clean. It’s funny how things go, isn’t it? I’ve been a professional writer for 6 years and I have recently bought my own one-bedroom time.

Two things I don’t think I could’ve focused on without Dream Clean’s help. Now my vision of working for Dream Clean and writing has both come true, and that’s largely down to the free time and clarity their cleaning service gave me.

If you want time for yourself, or to invest in some aspect in your life then I suggest you free up some time for yourself by inviting Dream Clean over. Although my one-bedroom flat is a lot easier to tackle than the 3-bedroom house, I think I’ll have to set up regular visits once again.

After all, if it helped me to do all of this, then just what could your free time do for you?