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High Access Roof Cleaning

Here are some photos of us doing high access roof cleaning.

Our client is GPS PE Pipe Systems based in Huntingdon and the brief is to clear the roof of slippery moss and clean it ready for solar panel installation.

photo from the roof

View from the Top

photo of two men cleaning roof

Scrubbing Away

As you can see in the photo below, there is no protective ledge so we have to erect barriers for the safety of the team.

photo of safety barriers

Safety Barriers in Place

You can see the moss being cleared away. This slippery surface is hazardous and would be a danger for the guys installing the solar panels.

photo of moss being cleared from a roof


You can see the scale of the job we have. That’s a lot of roof!

photo of a big roof

High Access Roof Clearing – A Big Roof

High access roof cleaning is safe as long as the company doing the cleaning is professional and safety conscious. If you need an experienced team to clear your roof, please give us a call.