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Keeping Your Home Clean Over Christmas

Christmas-cleaningChristmas is a time when usual household rules are thrown out; keeping the house spick-and-span becomes less of a priority, and we don’t mind leaving wrapping paper to litter the place and pine needles to drop all over the floor. As well as this, there will be twice as much washing up to do across the festive period with the extra plates for guests and a vast number of pans used for cooking Christmas feasts. With all this in mind, how do you keep your home clean over Christmas?

Take Preventative Measures

Stock up on cleaning provisions such as bin bags, detergent, washing up liquid and kitchen towels – then you won’t be stuck without these essentials when the shops are closed. Having extra bins around, so there is never one far away when someone has chocolate wrappers or a scrap of wrapping paper, is a good idea. Want to cut back on washing up? For big family events, particularly where there are children, why not swap the china for festival themed paper and plastic plates and cutlery?

Keep a Cleaning Routine

If you delegate chores to everyone in the house things will get done much faster and you’ll have more time to spend together. Things on the daily Christmas chore list should include: a quick clean of the bathroom, taking out the rubbish/recycling, tidying away any wrapping/ boxes and vacuuming up pine needles or general mess.

Treat Yourself to a Post-Christmas Cleaner

Finally, why not treat yourself to a post-Christmas cleaner? Think of it as a late present. Hiring a professional to do a thorough tidy is the easiest way to take the hassle out of getting your house back in shape.