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Living Room Furniture That Maximises the Space in Your Living Room


We all spend a vast amount of our free time in our living room, right? So it’s important to find some home furnishings and extra tips that maximise the space that we do have to work with. Are you ready to transform your existent space?

Although there’s many options when it comes to using your living room furniture to create extra space here’s a few of our favourite ideas:

Put the TV on the wall


The television is central to almost any living room you enter. So, it’s important to work the room around that beautiful 3D screen you find yourself watching the game or the latest X-Factor auditions on. By mounting the TV on the wall you can create a few feet of extra space, and you can also bring the chosen wall to life through doing just this. That means more space for other living room furniture.

Get a Large Corner Sofa

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A large corner couch is the go-to idea that many people use when considering some interior design ideas to transform their living room space. It’s great to have a couple of couches and a few chairs, but we all know that is space-consuming at best. On the contrast a large corner sofa can eliminate the need to have extra seats, therefore creating extra space. Also it clearly defines the living space letting everyone know there’s one place to sit. We’ve all been in a room with 10 or more seats and spent 30 seconds pondering where we should sit. This makes the decision clear to everyone who enters your living space, however, it combines the space too.

Decorate With Mirrors

If mirrors are used correctly they can make the living room space feel much larger. A centrally placed [large] mirror usually does the trick, creating an illusion of another window and further space. Although it doesn’t actually create further space it definitely feels like it does, and this, along side your other living

Room furniture choices can make a big, big difference.

Whether you have hours upon hours to spend relaxing in your room or not, you’ll want to maximise the space using these ideas and many others. What other living room furniture or spacing tricks would you use to transform your living room and its surrounding space?