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Morrisons Supermarket Cuts Window Cleaning Budget

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Times are tough even for the largest of companies, and it is starting to show for supermarket chain Morrisons. In an attempt to reduce costs and boost profits, Morrisons have revealed they are to cut their funding of window cleaning. The good news for customers who appreciate a clean and shiny store is that it’s only for the next two months, until February 2nd, when Morrisons’ financial year ends.

The cancellation has also partly been blamed on a predicted increase in frost and snow by Maintenance Management Limited, in charge of Morrison’s facilities, who say that having clean windows is not essential at the darkest time of the year when water run off can be a hazard. It will be interesting see if Morrisons’ customers are as supportive of grubby windows on their arrival – or if they’ll even notice the difference?

Whilst the weather may be partly to blame for the cleaning cut, the financial strains on Morrisons are evident. They continue to lose market share due to an increase in both high class supermarkets, like Waitrose, and budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl. They are not alone in their loss of market however as ASDA, Sainsbury and Tesco also suffer. With Morrisons lacking online ordering facilities this will undoubtedly mean they are less favoured than competitors. Perhaps swapping their cleaning budget for development of their website would be useful.

It is unclear as to whether any other cleaning cuts are being made at Morrisons, but a reduction in cleanliness will certainly not help boost customer loyalty.

That’s the point really; customer loyalty is essential, especially in hard financial times so if you are a business thinking about cutting services you might find that it’s the wrong move. Instead, why not try contacting Dream Clean and finding out about the standards of cleanliness we offer without breaking your budget?

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