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Needle Sweep Service Huntingdon

One of the services we offer housing associations is called Needle Sweep.

The best way to explain this is by looking at a recent job we did for a housing association for whom we are a preferred needle sweep service provider.

photo of an untidy room

Room before Needle Sweep

This housing association had a tenant who regrettably had to be asked to leave the property. Employees of the association went into the property to remove belongings but found needles – the previous tenant was a drug addict.

photo of needles

Needles found in a drawer

They then called in Dream Clean to perform a needle sweep which sounds exactly what it is. We very carefully go through the property looking for and collecting needles.

photo of needle exchange pack

A Needle Exchange Pack

We do this wearing special clothing which includes stab proof gloves, steel toe-capped boots and goggles. The risk of infection is obviously high so health and safety is paramount.

We put all of the needles into a container which is then collected by a clinical waste disposal company and taken for incineration.

photo of Needle Incineration Container

Needle Incineration Container

Needle Sweeping is a job that has to be done carefully and thoroughly because of the inherent risk to our staff but more importantly, it has to be done properly because someone else might get hurt if we miss a needle.

If you are a housing association looking for a company with needle sweeping experience please contact Dream Clean for more information about how we can help you.