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Special Cleaning: Hoarders

WARNING: Some of the photos in this post about Special Cleaning: Hoarders are unpleasant.

You may have seen last night the start of a new TV series on BBC1 called Britain’s Biggest Hoarders. Here at Dream Clean we have experience at cleaning hoarders houses. We call it special cleaning and what follows is a photographic case study of one such clean. (Click the photo for a larger image).

For this special clean we were referred by the local Social Services and we were asked to provide a special clean to make good the client’s home which had not been cleaned for 10 years.

The first photo shows our special cleaning team preparing to clean the property. Health & Safety is essential and so the team are wearing full Personal Protective Equipment.

Photo of team in protective clothing

Cleaning Team Wearing Full PPE

At first glance, the kitchen looks dirty but not too bad…

Photo of a dirty kitchen

Kitchen Before Special Clean

…but further investigation reveals the scale of the problem…

Photo of a dirty stairwell

Floor Covered Stairwell

Photo of a filthy landing

Full of Food and Drink Containers

…food boxes and plastic drink bottles lie up to 9″ deep on the floor and continue into the bedroom…

Photo of a dirty bedroom

The scale of the problem is clear to see

Filthy floor

The floor was covered

We really can’t show you photos of the bathroom.

It took our team the whole day to clear the house – that’s 32 man hours. After that time you will see a massive improvement.

The kitchen is back to normal…

Photo of a clean kitchen

Kitchen after Special Clean

…the bathroom looks fantastic…

Photo of a clean bathroom

Clean Bathroom

…and the bedroom is much better (the carpet was replaced a week later).

Photo of a clean bedroom

Bedroom After Clean

Special cleans like this one often come to Dream Clean because we are known for our thoroughness and professionalism. Please call us if you think we can help you.