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The Weirdest Cleaning Old Wives’ Tales

photo of common sage

Common Sage

When it comes to running a tight ship, dedication and a lot of elbow grease are the only factors really involved in keeping your house clean. There are many old wives tales that say otherwise however. If you’re superstitious, perhaps you’ll want to try some of these out to improve your likelihood of domestic bliss?

“If a new bride pinches her mother’s dishcloth, she’ll never be homesick”

In the days where a new bride would likely leave home on the day of her wedding, pinching a dishcloth from her family kitchen was said to bring good fortune and protect her from homesickness.

“If you interrupt your work when making the bed, you’ll have a restless night in it”

Do you need to strip and change your bed sheets? Make sure you set aside enough time to complete the job in one sitting, else you risk the bad luck of a sleepless night that evening!

“If you want to have a clean and tidy home, you need to allow sage to grow in your garden”

Sage (or Salvia) is derived from the Latin term Salvere meaning ‘to save’. If you wish to save your house from ruin, the old wives tale says you should ensure the herb is planted in your back garden! Don’t have a back garden? Let’s hope planting a little in a window box would do.

“If you do laundry on a Sunday, there will be terrible stains and tears on your laundry in the week ahead”

Does the weekly washing load seem to be getting harder and harder? If you do your main bulk of laundry on a Sunday, perhaps that’s why!